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Overall I truly like these new shades. Soft Matte Lip Creams are one of my most loved NYX items in light of the fact that it is so hard matte lip and Skin & Beauty products, particularly at a reasonable cost. These lip creams are extremely matte and long lasting. I can get these to last more than 4 hours if I have to-eating is the main thing that truly bothers these creams, in light of the fact that minutes subsequent to applying; they set to a dry matte completion!

I did some really quick and dirty swatches for all of you. It's interesting, in light of the fact that by the last shade the greater part of my foundation around my mouth is fouled up and my lips are stained. Be that as it may, just for a good cause of doing a review! There are a couple of favorites I have, however we should examine Favorite NYX Lip Creams shades separately.

Favorite Nyx Lip Creams 2015


Finish & Texture

This product comes with a doe foot utensil and its humorous how NYX never made cases about the applicator being precise or anything like that, yet their applicator has extremely precise application, dissimilar to Too Faced’s. Their precise tip applicator gave me Miranda Sings' lips when I'm in a rush to touch up.

The only small complaint I have is that a greater majority of the Skin & Beauty Care product, when connected on the lips, can gather around on end of the applicator. Now and again a glob of shading would gather around the edges of the lips; however it's anything but difficult to settle by simply going over it and smoothing it out with the same applicator.

The mousse-like cream applies somewhat streaky when swiped horizontally. What I observe to be the most ideal approach to apply this is by applying one layer first and applying the second layer vertically all through the lips.

Finish & Texture

The initial finish is very creamy and matte, yet after about 30 minutes it turns out to be completely tangled. A few individuals complain that the richness in the end dies down, however I really like it thusly on the grounds that after the smoothness is gone it turns completely matte and it some way or another shows up as though the shading is mixed together with the lips. It looks simply like it's my common lip shading in light of the fact that it recolors the lips, yet it's not care for a typical, slender stain either. It's more like a thicker stain.

San Paulo

This product dries out somewhat moderate, yet once it sets, it DOES. NOT. MOVE. It doesn't move, move or spread. It stays set up and like I said, the shading just infuses together with the lips, not at all like lipsticks by and large.


This amazingly has the murkiness and power that most lipsticks don't have. Once in a while, when my lips are somewhat dry, it will sink into the dry fixes strictly when a couple of hours however it is not too awful on the grounds that it doesn't really dry the lips out. This is a great deal more dry-lips-accommodating than the Too Faced.

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